Compliance Department Duties:

•Review of Payment/Request for Compliance with Program Policies and Grant and Regulations
•Review of Authorized Exemptions
•Review Data Entries into TAS Program for Accurate Data Reporting
•Audits of Records/Files
•TAS (Tribal Assistance System) Training
•Staff Trainings •Site Visits to both Riverside & Los Angeles Counties
•Assisting Staff with Questions & AnswersData Collection and Reporting 

Based on the Approved TANF Policy & Procedures all Requests are reviewed to verify documentation that demonstrates it to be Justifiable, Reasonable & Accurate. All Client related services & requests need to show the Participant’s compliance with Program Requirements and Guidelines.
Such as:

•Work Participation Hours
•Eligibility/Continued Eligibility for Services
•Approved Activities based on Client Plan and PRP (Personal Responsibility Plan)
•Costs Not to Exceed Approved Guidelines

*All Emergencies / Urgent Requests are given Priority
*TANF is Payer of Last Resort.
In cases where a request for payment/service is submitted without enough verification to show eligibility, it will be returned (rejected) until documentation is provided to justify payment and authorize services. The request may be returned by the Compliance Department, Fiscal Department and/or Authorized Check Signers through their review.  *If rejected the payment process may be  delayed. The goal of the Department is to insur
e that all payments are justifiable and able to demonstrate compliance during an audit of the program.

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866-810-1000 - TANF
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