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Information About General Cash Assistance

General Assistance is a monthly financial assistance to meet essential needs of those eligible Native Americans without income. When assistance and services are not available or are not being provided by other sources, the General Cash Assistance Program gives prompt attention and prevents unnecessary hardship for the applicant.

Who can apply for General Cash Assistance?

It is the intent if the TMTT to provide services to all eligible and needy Indian families and their children who have at least one member of their household (child or adult) who is a member or descendent of a member of a Federally Recognized Indian Tribe or identified on the California Judgment Rolls and who reside anywhere within the boundaries of Riverside County and Los Angeles County, excluding:

a.            Those persons who are enrolled members or descendents of the Morongo and Soboba Tribe who reside outside Reservation lands served by the TMDCI Tribal TANF Program.

b.            The City or Riverside.

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